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Regional Arts & Culture Council
This convergence only comes around once a year so grab your favorite person and come join us!!

The Northwest Horn Orchestra
Plays Again

For the 5th consecutive year, The Northwest Horn Orchestra presents an evening of eclectic musical sections. The NWHO is a rotating assembly of 18 French horn players from all of the major orchestras in NW Oregon. Joined by percussion and rhythm sections, the NWHO performs an unique blend of genres including classical, jazz, movie music, blues, and even rock. This unusual ensemble aims to redefine what a collection of classical instrumentalists can do with a program of original arrangements and compositions in a light-hearted, fun environment.

WHEN: Friday, March 11th @ 8 pm
WHERE: The Old Church
                 1422 SW 11th | Portland, Oregon 97201

Works by: Verdi, Ravel, Bernstein, Debussy, Mancini, a commission by Northwest Composer, Brent Weaver, composition professor at George Fox University, original arrangements, movie music, alphorns and other surprises. Expect the unexpected.

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January 12, 2015