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The Northwest Horn Orchestra's History

Jen Harrison, NWHO Founder

The Northwest Horn Orchestra, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 2006 by Jen Harrison, an active local free lance and orchestral horn player. The group is dedicated to the preservation of classical music by broadening the definition of a “performance by classical instruments”. We program a variety of styles presented in a fun and interactive environment. The annual NWHO event is also an opportunity for the fine horn players in the region to get together and share the experience of music written and arranged for horn, with additional help from a percussion and rhythm section.

We are pleased to feature original music and arrangements written specifically for the Northwest Horn Orchestra in addition to the vast array of repertoire for large horn ensemble.

2007 Performance @ The Old Church

Concerts generally include classical music with a mix of jazz, rock and other musical surprises. Twelve foot long   Alpine horns as well   as other close cousins to the   French horn are also known to make entertaining cameo appearances.

2012 Performance @ The Old Church

Alp Horns



our 2015 performance is scheduled for February!


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