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Inspiration for the responsible traveller

Earth Day inspiration for thoughtful travel

Every Audley trip is hand-crafted just for you. However, we’re always alive to the fact that we’re part of a greater community, one that has the ability to inspire, to build bridges between cultures, and to promote a greater understanding of our planet and humanity’s place on it. We believe in the compounded power of small, responsible decisions, which can add up to make a big difference. If Earth Day has inspired you to travel more thoughtfully, we’ve created this hub of information to help you plan your next adventure, so you can be sure to make a positive impact along the way.

Find out more about our approach to responsible travel.

Trip ideas for more sustainable travel

Get inspired for your next adventure with these suggested itineraries. We hope they’ll fire up your imagination and show you the many possibilities available for travelling in a way that helps the people and places you visit.

Audley’s Travel for Good Fund

As travellers, we can help preserve and restore environments, protect wildlife and working animals, and support local communities in ways that positively transform the lives of people living in the destinations we visit. We know, from more than 25 years of experience, that when it’s planned thoughtfully, travel can be a force for good. That’s why we created the Travel for Good Fund. You can use it to donate to one of 10 charities we’ve chosen to partner with from around the globe. Collectively, we can create a world of positive change.

Eco-friendly stays

We focus on partnering with hotels that operate in a more thoughtful way. From eco-friendly lodges to camps run by local people, here’s just a smattering of the options you can choose from.

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