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Elephant in Thailand

Responsible travel

Our style of travel — authentic, thoughtful, and focused on building meaningful connections to the people and places you visit — is inherently respectful and considerate of the destinations we love. We design each aspect of your trip exactly as you want it, which includes its sustainability. That might mean choosing a train journey instead of a flight, staying at eco-friendly wildlife lodges, or opting for experiences that give back to the communities you’re visiting. The choice is yours.

Responsible Travel & Sustainability Report

Eco Camp Patagonia

Our annual Responsible Travel and Sustainability Report highlights our responsible travel and sustainability achievements each year.

We’ve learned that collaboration and sharing best practices is important in building upon our efforts and those of others in the industry, and we hope our report can inspire people to take the steps necessary to travel responsibly.

Reduce plastic on your travels with Water-to-Go

At Audley, we're committed to helping you travel responsibly by minimising your impact on the destinations you visit. That's why we’ve partnered with Water-to-Go to help reduce your plastic use while travelling, offering all clients a 20% discount on reusable water bottles and replacement filters by using the code 'AUDLEY20'.

On top of that, 10% of every purchase will be donated to Take 3 for the Sea, one of the charities that we support through the Audley Travel for Good Fund. The charity is dedicated to cleaning up the oceans and beaches, with the simple but effective message: 'Take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or — anywhere, and you have made a difference.'

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  • Berber woman stoking the fire, High Atlas mountains, Morroco


    At Audley we strive to create a platform to empower and protect our suppliers, employees and clients to take part in Responsible Travel.

  • Tarsier lemur, Bohol


    Our responsible travel approach to the planet includes our policy on animal encounters and carbon offsetting.

  • Carrying water from the river, Me to We Kenya


    Philanthropy includes our Charity of the Year as well as any local charities we support.

  • Weaving in Pete Village


    Read our policies on diverse topics from child welfare to modern slavery.